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As the ancient Greek Philosopher Heraclitus said, “Change is the only constant in life.” No matter what we do to stop or slow down the time, the people and the world is bound to change. Some things will improve, and some will deteriorate and just vanish.

As we enter the Digital age, change has just become more inevitable. Those times when we still write and wait for our letters to be delivered to the mail are replaced by electronic mail and instant text messages. We are also passed through a phase where we rely on deck cards and board games to feed our hunger for entertainment and recreational activities.

With the emergence of online gambling, people have been laid down with an additional option to entertain themselves without breaking a sweat. The birth of online casino sites paves the way for a more convenient and accessible gambling experience.

But you asked, what makes online casinos popular in Australia?

We can think of numerous reasons online casinos are popular in the land down under. But as we dig deeper, these Australians’ attachment to gambling may mean more than just fun and socialization.


Australians’ love for gambling can be associated with their roots. The history of gambling in Australia started in the 18th century when Europeans set foot on Aussie land. They invented a coin game called Two Up, usually played in pubs to commemorate the fallen soldiers and/or their safe return. Then in 1810, the first official gambling event took place with the game called “Horse Race”.

History plays a vital role in shaping who we are as a citizen of a country. Our ancestors influence our ideas, behavior, and attitude. Oftentimes, we find ourselves easily attached to something despite encountering it the first time. True enough, this could be linked to our heritage.

And though gambling is viewed negatively in some countries, gambling is a socially accepted behavior in Australia. It is perceived to be an integral part of Australian culture. The country is reported to have the highest rate of gambling in the world. It is supported by a recent report from the Australian Gambling Research Center, which states that the number of Australians who gamble online has grown by almost 50% in the last four years. And 96% of these people from 18-24 years old had gambled for money or possessions.

But is history enough to explain why online casino is popular in Australia?


Gambling is big in Australia. Online Casino Australia Real money become a part of the marketing strategies of different economic industries. Hotels are placed with different gambling machines hoping to reel in some Australian punters as they wander along the lobbies.

Undeniably, the Australian government collects massive revenue from casinos and poker machines. In the financial year 2020, the Australian government raised around 5.8 billion Australian dollars in revenue from gambling. That is relatively lower than in 2019, when they reached a high gambling revenue of almost 6.6 billion dollars.

Australia’s gambling industry has generated $3.8 billion (AUD) in tax revenue in Poker games alone. The government has taken advantage of the game’s high demand by ensuring that the country will not fall short of the game’s supply throughout the continent.

Poker is alluringly designed with all its electronic sounds and bright lights. Unsurprisingly, many young people, ranging from 18 to 24 years old, became hooked gamblers online and offline.

Because of online casino Australia real money widespread popularity, some regulations were put into effect to minimize the damage they may cause to Australians. According to the 2001 Interactive Gambling Act, it is illegal for local and offshore online casino operators to offer their services to consumers in Australian territory. However, it is not illegal for Australian players to play online casinos.


Arguably, the Australian government is a bit relaxed, at some point, towards gambling. It could either be viewed positively or negatively. Each Australian state has a different stance towards online casinos than others. Gambling regulations differ from state to state as it is not a unison federal law in Australia.

Moreover, winnings from casinos are not levied tax by the Australian Government. They view gambling as a recreational activity- a form of entertainment and not a profession. The government also believes that players often lose more money than they earn from gambling. Therefore, to protect their people from the additional stress of losing, they chose to be lenient about it.

In return, instead of burdening the players with tax, the Australian government passed on the responsibility to casino operators. It is considered just for these operators to pay these taxes as they are the ones who earn and profit from online casinos.

Most importantly, the Australian government is transparent and helpful to Australian players. They have government agencies specially allotted for gambling activities to guide them on their hunt for online casino Australia real money. This agency releases updated lists of regulated and licensed casino operators, corporate bookies, and individual bookies to ensure Australian punters only deal with legitimate casino sites like Royal Reels.


The favorable disposition of online casinos makes them more appealing to Australian punters. It has often been emphasized that online gambling gives you the luxury of online casinos in the comfort of your home.

With the recent health scare caused by the global pandemic, who would not be enticed by what online casinos offer their players right? There is no need to go out. You will not be dealing with unnecessary noise or socializing with people. It is great for Australian punters who are not fond of mingling and wasting time in long queue lines.

Also, the wide range of bonus offers and promotions, which could not be found in conventional casinos, adds to the delight of casino players. Aside from being comfortable, you are rewarded generously. Some online casino sites offer huge welcome bonuses, which will surely convince you to try out their platform. You can also claim daily, weekly, or monthly bonuses depending on the gambling site.

Now, if you are leaning towards the feel of traditional casinos, you will not be disappointed by going online. Most online casino sites are designed extravagantly so players will always be energized. In this day and age, where everything is digitalized, website developers have incorporated high-definition graphics, 3D animations, and quality sounds into every online casino site. Thus making your online gambling experience a realistic one.

Lastly, regarding online casinos’ accessibility, you can almost gamble whenever and wherever. At this point, when every part of the world has internet connections, gambling online is open for all. In addition, online casinos are compatible with all Android and iOs users. There are also downloadable apps if you wish to install them on your phone. Or, you can simply input the gambling site into your browser and play from there.


There are multiple reasons why online casinos are popular in Australia. It could be traced from their Australian heritage which may have influenced them greatly at some point. It could also be popular because of how the Australian government promotes it for more revenue. Or maybe, Australian punters have felt the genuine care of their government towards their love for gambling. Since placing bets has become integral in their heritage, the government has never failed to protect them from suffering more in case they have acquired more losses than wins. They even build agencies that will solely focus on the gambling needs of their people.

Also, online casinos could be popular in Australia because of the same reason that people all over the world love gambling online. The convenience, accessibility, graphics, and rewards of online casinos are convincing enough to make them high in demand and undeniably popular.

Finally, whatever reason online casinos might be popular in Australia, we know one thing for sure, online casinos have made us feel the same as going to traditional casinos. It makes us feel alive and fun. Online casinos can help you forget what stresses you about your long day at work or home. It makes you enjoy yourself once more.

If you have heard of Australians’ love for gambling, we hope you do not take it negatively. Instead, we wish that you keep an open mind and feed your curiosity about what they love about it. After all, we do not see anything harmful about respecting each one’s choices and preferences in life.

Who knows? If you take a good look at it, research it, and learn to embrace it, you may also find yourself amazed about online casinos. You may also experience the same way Australian punters felt when they first placed their bets. By then, you’ll know why online casinos are popular in Australia.