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If you are a newbie to the online casino world, it will be your worst nightmare to get deceived by an online site you thought would entertain you. And it is the same dismay that regular players feel when they realize they have been scammed all along.

Everyone will agree that if you are about to embark on any new adventure, it is just right to take the necessary precautions to avoid future problems—all the more if you know that your financial state will be put at risk.

To help you with your hunt on your next exciting journey of online casinos, we have prepared a list of things you need to check if an online casino site and apps are legit in Australia.


Generally, a reputable online casino is very easy to spot. Most sites present their license upfront, while some place it on the bottom of their websites or in a specialized section of the site. However, you can not still solely rely on this as your proof of legitimacy because logos or any proof of license can be forged in the rise of technology. It is helpful that you fully utilize your research and confirm their license on the regulating authority in your location.

Legitimate online casino sites like Royal Reels also post information about them on their website. These institutions do not mind sharing the story of how they came into the gambling industry, their visions for their players, and how they plan to keep up the fun of online gambling.

It is also a good sign of a reliable online casino Australia real money that they have the legal address of their institution posted on their platform and not only chat support. Additionally, it is a good plus that they have their real and working phone numbers and email addresses, which players can contact if there are things that can’t be settled through 24/7 chat support alone. These tiny details, though simple, could represent a good image of an online casino website. It could mean that they are willing to connect with their users anytime and do not leave room for any ambiguities of their business identity.

You might also want to check if independent auditors regularly audit the gambling site you are playing from. By undergoing audits, these online casino sites are regularly checked to see if they have been fair and just in treating their customers and if they are serving them in all honesty.


If you notice, a trustworthy online casino site will have you undergo two registration phases. One is for your details. This can ask for your full name, contact number, residential address, email, etc. The second is for your banking information. The site may prompt you to link your card or any payment method to fund your gaming account.

There are also instances wherein the gambling site will ask for your valid government ID once for further verification. This could be tricky because you just want to provide this kind of information to SSL-encrypted websites so you can be sure that your confidential details are kept safe and private. It could also be to your advantage that you read the website’s privacy policy. Doing so lets you know how these websites collect, use, and protect your data.

Given the above information, should you encounter a casino website that keeps on asking for your details and verification IDs, you should be wary and, as much as possible, immediately run away from it.


If you still want to test your casino site’s reliability, peek at its games library. Usually, trustworthy and legit sites have a wide selection of quality games stored in their database for their players to enjoy. The number of games can also tell a lot about their reputation, especially if they have at least a few games developed by some of the industry’s leading game developers.

The number of players also counts as a good indication that an online casino Australia real money site is a reputable one. Some sites even include a player counter or the number of players playing with them in real-time. Online casino sites use this to inform their new players and the regular ones that their platform is trusted and loved by many.

Another thing that may convince you that they are a licensed site is by judging through their website’s graphics. Reliable sites usually spend a fortune to ensure high-quality graphics and the best realistic sounds to their users. Through this, you can give satisfaction to the users and guarantee that they will keep coming back. A scam site would not even go as far as spending so much as they are too focused on gaining and not reciprocating.


This is the most crucial part of testing and confirming the site’s legitimacy because this will take care of your hard-earned money. Most legitimate sites have many options for how you want to fund and withdraw your earnings. Noticeably, most of them are partnering with well-established banks so that you can feel a sense of added security.

Once a website only provides a single payment method, this is already a red flag, and you must immediately retreat from dealing with them. Most often than not, you will get scammed and have your money stolen from you.


A famous way of knowing about a casino background is to check for the website’s review. You can check with your friends about their thoughts and experiences with the website in your mind. Or you can seek help anonymously through a forum online. Either way, you will see the casino’s customs and how they operate.

An excellent online casino site will never stay hidden and unnoticed. Word of mouth is always the best promotion any business could have. It means that the casino website provides superb service to its satisfied players.

Ratings-wise, excellent online casino sites will always find it easy to receive 5-star ratings from their players. An average score of 3, 4, and 5 points on a scale of 1 to 5 is expected of a good casino site. But scores anywhere below the margin may alert you as a player. However, you must consider that not all negative ratings mean a poor website. Some people have bad experiences on a particular gambling site, isolatedly.

Another good edge of an online casino site is its recognition from independent expert commissions. It is a default that a long-running and reputable casino site is reviewed and given credit by experts. Unless it is a newly launched gambling site, the absence of a review from independent experts should alarm you.

On the other hand, do not let your guard down while reading those reviews. Some reviews are proven to be biased and unreliable. Hence, your decision about a particular online casino site should not solely depend on the reviews.


The terms and conditions presented on a website are not made to be merely ticked and accepted. It is offered publicly to each player to ensure that there is transparency between the website and the user about how things will be taken into account in case of future mishaps or the protocols and systems they are using on the site.

You may also find here the software they are using to determine the results of each game. A trusted online casino website makes use of a software called Random Number Generator. This will assure you that the results of each game are not predetermined and that they are purely based on skill and luck. You can not find this software on scam sites because those site operators want to manipulate the game to gain more.


Who could have imagined that wanting to relax and have some entertainment while playing online casino Australia real money could be this strenuous? However, you must always take into account that all these works are not for nothing. This could save you from fraud.

Extensive research on your part as a player will do wonders on your gambling journey. After all, this is not just some free trial game. You will bet your money on it. Money that will be stolen from you in broad daylight and with your consent if you don’t gamble responsibly.

This article aims to guide you before making a huge risk in gambling. Cliche as it may be, it is better to be safe than sorry. It won’t hurt to put in a little because every little goes a long way.