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You might be traveling abroad and bound for Australia for your holiday vacation or work. And you are wondering what to do during your leisure time. Online Casinos must be your top choice because you can be entertained while sitting in your hotel lobby waiting for check-in or after your tiring and boring meetings.

However, you must still do a rain check on your online casino Australia real money escapade. While you could be well-equipped with money and knowledge of how online gambling works, there could be a chance you could be denied access to online casino sites abroad.

When you look all over different sites, you will find it hard to find factual information about whether or not foreigners are allowed to bet in Australian Online Casinos. Many sites will provide vague answers, PDF files of state regulations, and other irrelevant information. And there is no need to be troubled with that.

This article has gathered relevant and essential information about your worries about online betting in Australia.

First, you need to know that online casinos in Australia offering real money are illegal. It is governed by the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 (IGA), which regulates online gambling in Australia. Games such as slots, poker, blackjack, roulettes, scratchies, in-play betting in sports events, sports betting services without an Australian license, and betting on the outcome of the lottery are not allowed.

To simplify, Casino gaming is illegal, but many forms of gambling are restricted. Australians can bet on sports events, but the law prohibits them from placing in-play bets. Playing online lottery games is perfectly legal, but instant win games such as scratchcards and certain casino games are against the law.

To answer the question, foreigners can bet in online casinos in Australia. Provided, however, that you are accessing overseas betting websites that are legal to use in Australia and have a gambling license from one Australian gambling Authority.

It is important to note that online casinos and pokies are not legal in Australia for Australian operators. However, there are offshore betting sites that the Australian government permits to cater to Australian residents. The Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 targets Australian operators, not individual players.


If you are staying or traveling in Australia, you may notice that your favorite online casino site has been blocked. This is because of the restrictions imposed by the Australian authorities against online casino operators. In some instances, VPNs can help you bypass those blockages. Here are some sites you might want to check out while staying in Australia.


This site will give you up to 125 Free spins on your first three deposits. And with a game library of about 1400+ online pokies added with new games every month, you can always stay energized. Another good thing about this site is that it accepts cryptocurrencies.


If you are into live casinos, this is suitable for you. This site offers an extensive online poker and table games offering and very agile customer support. However, SpinSamurai has a small variety of bonuses.


For players troubled with using their devices and keeping up with the latest innovations, this online casino site has a user-friendly interface that is easy for players to navigate.


Since its release in 2020, Rocket Casino has become the favorite of most Australian players due to its website design and the space adventure atmosphere. This online casino Australia real money site offers fast payouts, Tournaments and lotteries, cryptocurrency games, and, most of all, provides a loyalty program to their regular customers.


It is a new and unique experience for new users. StayCasino has a $50 no-deposit bonus after your initial registration. Also, as a part of their special promotions, there’s an exclusive birthday offer sent only via email, consisting of a matching deposit bonus plus 100 free spins.

There are many more online casino sites that are allowed and licensed by Australia, which you can access while staying in the country, aside from the Top 5 sites briefly introduced above.

You will be surprised at how overwhelming the suggested number of online casino Australia real money sites that will be offered for you to try. But, as foreign as you are to Australia, you might also be foreign to some sites that will be provided for you online.


Do not get too excited about commencing your online casino experience immediately. It is still better to be safe than sorry. For all you know, you might get your winnings forfeited once they have tracked that you are accessing illegal online casino sites. And we do not want you to undergo any of that.

While gambling in online casino Australia real money, you can play through TABs, corporate bookmakers, and betting exchanges or deal with licensed on-course bookmakers.

To help you check if you are dealing with a legal operator, you have to make sure that it is registered under licensed interactive gambling providers to operate in Australia, which are accessible to you online. To better understand who you are going to deal with, we have provided a short discussion of each licensed provider.


It is a universally shortened word for Totalizator Agency Board. It is Australia’s biggest multichannel wagering provider. When you become a TAB account holder, you don’t just get a fast and secure betting experience. You can also receive exclusive features like venue-only special offers with Venue Mode and TAB’s latest bet type, Odds & Evens. 

You may register on their website or you may choose to download their free app on your iOs or Android devices. Their account registration could be done in just 2 to 3 minutes. From there, you can choose how you want to place your bet, you can opt to do it through their online website, or via an app, or you can also phone in your bets.


They are bookies in a more formalized setting who do bookmaking with the power of pure statistics and intend to make the most profits from bettors. Simply put, they are company employees who accept and pay out bets on sporting or any other event agreed-upon odds.


As of this time, Betfair is the only betting exchange that is available to Australian players. It operates differently from traditional betting outlets. When you bet with a bookmaker, you are competing against the bookie or the agency, while in a betting exchange, players are betting against each other in a competitive marketplace.


On-course bookmakers provide instant access to betting on races. So to say, these bookmakers are individuals present on-site at any race tracks or gambling venues where people can directly place their bets on them.


Therefore, if you are a foreigner traveling to Australia for some time and want to pass the time by playing online casinos like Royal Reels, you have the liberty to do so. Provided that you are accessing licensed gambling sites, you won’t risk any of your personal and financial details to anyone who can use your information negatively for their gains.

Australia has been strict about online gambling. Thus, they have banned any Australian-owned casino sites. It is firmly believed that their government has undertaken it to protect the gambling addiction that has taken its toll on many Australian residents. But, just like any other laws in different countries, state regulations have loopholes that, if scrutinized thoroughly, can make way for exemptions to the general rule.

Note that Australian-based casinos are the only prohibited online casinos in Australia. So foreigners do not have to worry if they will be able to have some entertainment through gambling while in the country. Australia has a special list of permitted and licensed operators which you can deal with if you want to gamble. This list is available online and can be accessed anytime you want to check it out.

When we travel to a different country, we have to expect dissimilarity in-laws, protocols, procedures, and many more from where we come from. Governments of different countries legislate depending on their residents’ needs and status quo. It is right and just that we adhere to these rules because, just like how we address ourselves in a different country, we are foreigners to them, too. And they are not expected to change how things are going with them just to accommodate our differences.

Many online Casinos permitted to operate in Australia offer real money. Make sure to take advantage of the bonuses and promotions because who would have known, you might be flying back to your home country with more than what you brought to Australia.