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“Gambling is not about money; it is about the thrill of the risk.”

You may have to disagree with the saying quoted above. One can argue that a person’s primary goal in gambling is to win money – lots of them. True enough, online casinos flash big jackpot prizes as they market their gambling sites. Partnered with tempting welcome bonuses, resisting the call of online casino Australia real money will be tough.

However, this is only the case for some players. Some people are, indeed, after the fun and excitement. The tingling sound of the roulette or the dinging of the slots is music to the ears. More so, the loud bell chimes after you win a big prize are ecstasy to your gamble-hungry soul.


What is the common ground between Australians and online casinos? The answer is gambling.

Gambling is immense in Australia. The majority of the Australian population is into gambling. It is perceived that gambling is an integral part of the Australian culture. The Aussies’ love for gambling is often associated with their roots. It traces back to when the Europeans first set foot on Australian territory and invented the game “Two-Up.”

The 2015 report by Australian Gaming Council revealed that an average Australian spends about AUD 1,172 on gambling yearly. And now, with the advent of online casinos, the yearly spend for gambling is expected to increase significantly.

Unofficially, Australia is known to be the Gambling capital of the world. But you should note that the Australian government regulates these gambling activities in their state. In effect, they have passed a law called the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001. This law illegalizes local and offshore online casino operators that offer their services to consumers in Australian territory.

So how do Australians gamble?

If you scrutinize the law, it only regulates those casino operators. But, it does not restrict Australian punters from playing at online casinos. Thus, players can still play from online casinos as long as it is not an operator from the Australian territory.

This situation may worry you because you will deal with online casinos that are foreign to you. But Australia is a good gambling capital because it protects its people from being deceived while playing in online casinos.

They have formed Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) Interactive Gambling Taskforce to ensure that the online casino operators, licensed and regulated by the Australian government, are strictly complying with the IGA of 2001. Therefore, if you wish to be 100% sure you are dealing with a legitimate online casino operator, you may look up their website to see if they are on the list.


We understand your tight schedule; you just want to jump right into action. Thankfully, we have summarized a list of the best online casino in Australia real money. This may expedite your way into online casinos without going through the tedious process of checking out legitimate online gambling sites.

First on our list is HellSpin Casino. If you feel more adventurous with good graphics, this online casino site is for you. It has immensely captivating modern visuals that will surely hook players. HellSpin Casino is a licensed gambling platform operated by TechOptions Group N.V. which offers a large array of games that you will surely be entertained with. Another good factor is that they also accept cryptocurrencies.

Next is Jackpot Jill Casino. It is a new online casino that caters to Australian punters. Despite its being new to online gambling, this casino platform is already making a huge name in the industry because of its lavish welcome bonuses of $7,500, spreadable to five deposits and 100 free spins. If you love poker, Jackpot Jill could be one of the best choices as it also has Live Poker too. Also, signing up on the gambling site is easy as 123. There are no other tricky requirements for you to start playing. Just the usual personal and banking details and you are good to go.

Lastly, you can never be disappointed with Casinonic. This online gambling platform prioritizes the welfare of its players. Casinonic has 24/7 online assistance to help you with your complaints and queries. Also, this casino site has bonuses that people will surely enjoy and love. And if you are into live dealer games, this is the perfect site. However, a downside of this site is its high wagering requirements on Bonuses. But thankfully, it is a bonus-only requirement and does not affect deposits.

Online casino Australia real money sites mentioned above are just some of the many platforms you can choose from the long list of licensed gaming platforms. There are many more trusted and reputable sites you can find online. All you have to do is be knowledgeable and vigilant in your search.


To secure your funds in your online casino account, a good background check on the platform you are using will go a long way. Every newbie is clueless about where they need to start checking. Therefore, to help you with this important step, we have laid down the essential information you need to know about your online casino.

Licenses and Certifications are the primary things you need to confirm on your gambling site. It is easy to spot because they usually present their license upfront, at the bottom of their websites, or in a specialized section. You just have to be careful because these things can be forged.

Another thing to consider is the registration requirements. Always remember that online casino Australia real money sites only ask for your personal and banking information once. If the platform prompts you repeatedly for your details, it is a red flag.

You may also want to assess the gambling site’s collection of games, number of players, and graphics. Legitimate online sites offer an extensive library of updated games for their players. The number of players also plays a vital role in determining the reputation of an online site. Therefore, the more players they have, the more legitimate it is.   

When it comes to graphics, it is an obvious indication that reputable online casino sites will go all out in designing their websites. Quality graphics, realistic sounds, and 3D animations are good investments in these gambling sites because they also contribute to the attraction of players.

New players usually rely on peer reviews, ratings, and recognitions when checking out new gambling sites. There are lots of community group discussions that are dedicated to casino players. It is mainly visited by people who don’t have a clue about online casinos. You may also find sites that review online casinos, which they rate based on the games offered, bonuses, chat support, registration, and so on. Recognitions, on the other hand, are often overlooked by new players. While this is a very good indicator of a casino site’s performance, most casino players do not know of the existence of these things.

The most important of all is spotting the payment method offered by the casino site. If the casino asks you to deposit through an account that seems to be a personal bank account, you must immediately cease transacting with them. Trustworthy casino sites offer a wide range of payment methods, and they usually team up with well-known banks for the players’ deposit and withdrawal needs.


No need to be anxious about the possible additional tax levied on you by the government in case you win big. The Australian government does not put that added weight on its people’s shoulders. Instead, the casino operators are the ones responsible for paying taxes since they are the ones who earn a profit from gambling.

Australia also has an amazing perspective towards gambling. Though this activity is negatively viewed in some countries, Australia maintains that gambling is a recreational activity that people resort to unwind and de-stress. Therefore, their government does not tax casino winnings. It is believed that gambling is not a profession, hence, not taxable.


Most casino players envy Australian punters. They are highly protected and not prone to being deceived by widespread scammers. Different regulations and legislations are implemented to maintain a good gambling experience for operators and players.

Online Casino Australia real money attracts prospective new players. With all the perks and bonuses they serve to gamblers, there is no way Australian punters will think of going back to traditional casinos all the way. Online casinos like Royal Reels have provided all the essentials a casino goer looks for at a gambling place.

Gambling is a good recreational activity. Winning and losing, sometimes, is just a part of the thrill. After all, online casinos are games of luck and a little bit of skill. What matters, in the end, is you have enjoyed your time and you did it responsibly.